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Exclusivo Aged Gumanch

It is a privilege to have access to a most rare “Exclusivo Aged” "VINTAGE 1997" coffee, from the Gumanch Coffee plantation located in Hagen North LLG of Dei district, Western Highlands Province of Papua New Guinea.

From 1999 to 2003, the Gumanch coffee plantation had suffered through the many tribal clashes, resulting in lives lost, and properties worth millions of kina destroyed. In recent years there have been legal challenges for the control of the neglected Gumanch coffee plantation, however we remain hopeful that the Gumanch coffee will make a comeback soon.  

At the time the Gumanch 450 hectares coffee plantation was the largest in the Southern Hemisphere and the third largest coffee plantation in the world. 

Our green bean coffee supplier has identified certain coffee attributes that are unique in some exceptional origins and should be aged. The coffee ageing process is a highly kept secret, and not all beans qualify for their ageing. To a wordsmith there exists an array of descriptive terms which explain a taste profile, however our own reaction upon sipping the Exclusivo Aged Gumanch – Pleasantly excited the senses, and mesmerized with a distinguished smooth and rich mouthfeel coffee taste, a true experience like no other.

Due to a limited supply, the Gumanch Exclusivo Aged coffee, is roasted on a per-order basis, and is available in our beautiful printed iggys  bags, which incorporate a one-way valve for freshness. 

For the ultimate coffee taste it is essential that coffee is correctly ground, and as a guide, a tablespoon heap of coffee granules suitable for a filter or plunger, should weigh about 12gr. Most critical to the taste will be the brewing water temperature, we recommend the temperature at 92c.

We highly recommend the Exclusivo Aged Gumanch is consumed on it's own, “coffee only” and without the additions of sugar, milk, flavors etc.

We recommend that coffee is brewed through the following methods – Drip Filter, Plunger (French-Press) or with extra care, as an Espresso.