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Exclusivo Aged Sigri

It is a privilege for Iggys Coffee to have access to some of the finest coffees, including the Exclusivo Aged Sigri "Vintage 1998" green coffee beans. 

Iggys Coffees are carefully or slow roasted, in Brisbane Australia and shipped globally.

Sigri Coffee grows at an altitude of about 1600m in the Waghi Valley, located in the Western Highland Province of Papua New Guinea. Our green bean coffee supplier has identified significant coffee attributes, that are unique in some exceptional origins, and this particular coffee was also chosen to be aged. What is unique with the ageing process, the acidity level in coffee is significantly altered.   

To a wordsmith there exists an array of descriptive terms that explain a taste profile, but to us this coffee brewed and tasted, was rich and delicately smooth mouth feel, no sharpness, with a unique nutty after taste, has truly excited our senses.

Due to a limited supply, the Sigri Exclusivo Aged coffee, is roasted on a per-order basis, and is available in our beautiful printed bags, which incorporate a one-way valve for freshness.  

For the ultimate coffee taste, it is essential that coffee is correctly ground, and as a guide, a tablespoon heap of coffee granules suitable for a filter or plunger, should weigh about 12gr.

The volume of water used is just as important, and this should be about 250ml.

Also the brewing water temperature should not exceed 92c.

Although we recommend that the customer buys whole roasted coffee, and grinds their coffee when required, we can also provide ground coffee for various brewing methods. We utilize the German made Mahlkonig precision coffee grinders.

Iggys Coffee also recommends that the Exclusivo Aged Sigri coffee, is consumed without the additions of sugar, milk, flavors etc., as these will drastically alter the coffee taste.

Making the beverage, our recommendation is that coffee is brewed via the following methods – Drip with paper filter, Melior / Plunger (French-Press) or with extra care, as an Espresso.